What's A BendyFig™?

It all started with a house-elf named Dobby. When The Noble Collection Toys debuted its first BendyFig™, the response was overwhelming. Fans loved the attention to detail and the unique bendable form factor, and wanted more.

Our ever-expanding line of BendyFigs come from the most beloved pop culture franchises of all time. Over 100 figures are available now or coming soon. There’s something for everyone, from kids 7+ to collectors of all ages.

BendyFigs are crafted by The Noble Collection Toys artists to be intricate, accurate and fun. Why? Because we’re fans, too (and we think it shows).

They’re part toy, part collectible — they’re Toyllectible™ — perfect for Play and Display!
Dobby BendyFig

BendyFigs at a Glance:

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